Trust Agent

A Credential Management Platform for Verified Data Exchange
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Efficiency Through Trust

Verify your business partners and employees 

Reduce risk of fraud with fast business verification and ongoing monitoring

Bring transparency to your business relationships

Build trust and improve efficiency of value chains by exchanging verified information with your business partners at every stage of the collaboration

Authenticate and verify your customers

Identify your customers once and issue portable credentials for better future user experience. 

Simple-To-Use Dashboard

  • Create your blockchain-based, corporate identity
  • Issue verified credentials to your employees, customers, and other companies
  • Manage and control the information you share about your business
  • Receive and monitor data from your business partners

Secure Ecosystems

Trust Agent enables an environment where individuals and organizations can be confident that they are getting secure and verified access to products, services, and companies. Within an ecosystem built with Trust Agent, all participants can trust that the person or business they’re interacting with has the authority and reputation to engage in the exchange.

GDPR Compliance by Design

Trust Agent helps your organization be GDPR-compliant while reforging trust and control in your business relationships. It is built on a privacy-preserving distributed graph database representing connections between issuers and subjects of credentials with controlled access by the owner of the data.

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