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At uPort, we build trusted ecosystems that let you, your partners and customers share data in a simple, secure, privacy-preserving* way.
*GDPR Compliant
Data sharing between individuals and organizations can be done in a trusted and secure way if people are provided with the right tools.

We build those tools.

Solutions We Provide

User Controlled Data

We provide tools that allow individuals to control their own data.

Scalable and Secure
Data Exchanges

We create new commercial and creative opportunities that rely on private, trusted data exchange.

Trusted Business

We build deeply integrated Ethereum infrastructure for Consortia, Enterprises, Web3 and their customers.

Product Suites


Comply with GDPR while reforging customer trust and control
Compliant with KYC requirements while customer privacy preserving

Reusable KYC credentials for increased security and  easy customer onboarding

Derisking user data by only storing data that is legally required and relevant to your business.

Cost Efficiency

Slash transaction costs for onboarding and trusted data management
Easy and frictionless new user onboarding

Trusted digital credentials replace traditional paperwork

Improved user experience for trusted data workflows

User Friendly Data Management

Provide easy-to-use data management and control to your business and customers
Use uPort Serto for an easy, intuitive data management app for your customers

Users control how their own data is shared.

Improved, based on trust and confidence relationship with your customers

Open Source Code

All the code is open source for you to use
At uPort we believe that open source code is the only way to make user controlled identity a success. All the code that is part of uPort is open source and hosted in GitHub. Feel free to review, test and run the code, it is there for everybody. We love Pull Request, Comments and Issues, so please let us know how can we make uPort better.

Open Standards

Helping develop standards for the decentralized identity space
We need identities systems to be interoperable. We need to have some standarization among all the identity solutions out there. Many of our software is using the standards defined at diferent groups in the W3C and DIF, which many of them where co-authored by u·port members. Some of our protocols have become the de-facto standard in the space. And everything is open for collaboration.

Open Community

We are not building alone
We understand that Identity is an issue being developed in many communities and we are happy to be part of many of them. We encourage a cooperative and collaborative behavior with our users and developers as we participate in many conferences and groups. Please reach to us if you have a great idea, an doubt or anything we can help. We want to hear from you!

Building With uPort


Whether you provide financial, government, educational or medical services we offer solutions that can be easily customized to your business’s needs.

Tools For Trust

uPort Serto App

Reforge user trust by putting them back in control of their personal data and identity. With the uPort app they can locally store their credentials and decide when and with whom they want to share.

uPort SDK

Integrate uPort’s trusted data and identity management platform solution in your own mobile app. Let your customers securely store their private data with confidence and peace of mind. They can control their most important attributes and how and when they share them with companies, institutions, and peers.

uPort Android SDK

uPort Libraries

Reforge user trust by putting them back in control of their personal data and identity. With the uPort app they can locally store their credentials and decide when and with whom they want to share.

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What's New With uPort

Open Source Contributions

We are proud members and Co-founders of the Decentralized Identity Foundation and have contributed the following libraries.

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